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5 Signs You Should Seek Help for Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is an extremely common complaint, especially for women. While some pelvic pain can be easily attributed to a certain cause, such as a muscle strain or menstrual cramps, unexplained pelvic pain should prompt you to see a medical professional.

At the OB/GYN practice of Gae Rodke, MD, FACOG, in the Upper West Side of New York City, we see many patients every year who come in with pelvic pain. Dr. Rodke can diagnose the cause of your pain and help you start the appropriate treatment. 

The pelvic region

The area from your belly button to your pubic bone is the pelvic region. It forms a cradle that houses your bladder, lower urinary tract, bowels, and reproductive organs. There is a lot of connective tissue supporting and protecting each organ. The nerves branching out from your spine also extend into the pelvic region.

Causes of pelvic pain

Pelvic pain can affect men and women. It can be acute, meaning it comes on suddenly and lasts only for a short period of time, or chronic, meaning it recurs and lasts for more than 3-6 months. Common causes of pelvic pain in women that are related to the reproductive system include:

You may also experience pelvic pain if you have any of the following:

More serious causes of pelvic pain include appendicitis and cancer.  

5 signs you should seek help for pelvic pain

A sudden increase in pelvic pain or a change in your pelvic pain usually means you should see a doctor. The following five signs that can accompany pelvic pain are also red flags that something may be seriously wrong:

  1. Nausea and vomiting
  2. Fever and/or chills
  3. Foul-smelling or cloudy urine
  4. Blood in your urine or stool
  5. Swelling of your stomach

If the pain is severe, or there is a loss of consciousness, you need to go directly to the emergency room. Otherwise, call Dr. Rodke’s office for an urgent appointment. She can redirect you to a specialist if required, but many cases of pelvic pain can be diagnosed and treated in her office.   

Are you ready to find a solution for your pelvic pain? Learn more by booking an appointment online or over the phone with the practice of Gae Rodke, MD, FACOG, today.

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