Getting the Facial Contour You Want with SculpSure®

Getting the Facial Contour You Want with SculpSure®

Sometimes working on yourself can be so frustrating. Months of exercise, diet, and toning may have given you the body you’ve been looking forward to, but your double chin is keeping your self-confidence from reaching full potential. Stubborn submental fat (pockets of fat cells under the chin) can make you feel like all of your work was for nothing. 

Fortunately Gae Rodke, MD provides body contouring treatments with the safe and effective SculpSure® system, which practically melts away fat cells so you can achieve your desired aesthetic: under your jaw, across your midsection, and anywhere else stubborn fat cells are hiding.

The story behind submental fat

Double chins can be caused by a number of factors, including weight gain and loss, aging, and even genetics. It’s also one of the common places your body stores fat. That means getting rid of fat under your chin can be a lot harder than in other areas of your body that you can target with exercise. 

This is compounded by the fact that while diet and exercise can shrink fat cells, this approach doesn’t reduce the overall number of cells, so any time you gain even a little new weight, they plump up, and the problem gets worse. 

Battling the bulging jaw

Cosmetic surgery physically trims away a double chin, removing fat, skin, and tissue for a tighter jawline. Certain injectable medications can also be used to break down fat cells. However if you’re not a fan of scalpels or needles, you may have reached an impasse.

SculpSure works on a double chin without breaking the skin surface. It's the minimally invasive way to address submental fat, using safe, effective laser technology to disrupt the fat cells and cause them to break down slowly. Your lymphatic system then kicks in and flushes the dead cells out of your body as a natural waste product. And once gone, the cells can no longer plump up.

Trim and Slim with SculpSure

You can get rid of submental fat and also use SculpSure on other parts of your body to tighten and tone. While it takes a few months to see the full effect, since your body first has to flush out the waste, you’ll be impressed with how your tummy, thighs, buttocks, and hips can look after just a single treatment. 

Ready to get rid of submental fat and achieve a stunning facial contour at last? Dr. Rodke can help. To get in touch, call 212-496-9800, or visit our contact page for more information. 

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