It Hurts when I Have Sex

It Hurts when I Have Sex

Unfortunately, pain during sex is a common problem; three in four women have reported painful intercourse at some point during their lives. Having to stop your partner due to pain can be an embarrassing mood-killer, but simply enduring it isn’t good for your mental or emotional wellbeing. 

If pain is disrupting your sex life, diagnosing the cause can help you find a solution. Gae Rodke, MD provides diagnoses for cases of painful intercourse and treatments to help you have enjoyable sex once again.  

Symptoms of dyspareunia

Pain during sex, called dyspareunia, is a common problem, especially among postmenopausal women. Symptoms vary depending on what’s causing your dyspareunia, but many women experience the following: 

The nature of your pain can help diagnose what’s causing it. During your consultation, Dr. Rodke takes your experiences into account when diagnosing the cause of your problem. If your pain is accompanied by cramping or itching, be sure to mention it. 

Common causes of painful intercourse 

Dyspareunia has a long list of potential causes, but it can be narrowed down by your medical history, symptoms, and diagnostic tests. The most common culprits behind painful intercourse include: 

Painful intercourse doesn’t always have a medical reason. Your state of mind contributes to your enjoyment of sex, and stress, fear, shame, and anxiety can all lead to dyspareunia. Women with a history of sexual abuse sometimes experience painful intercourse after they enter a relationship, and it can take time to become comfortable with sex. 

Other non-medical causes of dyspareunia include lack of foreplay, relationship problems, and poor technique. 

Finding a solution 

The first step to treating dyspareunia is diagnosing the cause. A good gynecologist works with you to determine what’s causing your pain, and helps you decide what treatment(s) you’re comfortable with. 

Dr. Rodke has experience treating dyspareunia, and provides a number of solutions to help women regain their sex lives. These treatments include: 

If your dyspareunia is caused by menopause or vaginal dryness, the MonaLisa Touch system can help rejuvenate your vaginal tissues. It utilizes gentle laser energy, which stimulates blood flow and lubrication inside the vaginal canal. 

Suffering from painful intercourse? You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Rodke by calling 212-496-9800, or visit the contact page for more information. 

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