Understanding the Role of Collagen and Elastin in Your Skin

Understanding the Role of Collagen and Elastin in Your Skin

Do your stretch marks and wrinkles make you feel self-conscious? When you age or go through major life changes like pregnancy or weight loss, your skin can be affected. Fortunately, there are solutions for skin that’s lost its supple tightness. 

Dr. Gae Rodke is an OB/GYN located on the Upper West Side in New York City, New York. She and her experienced team provide not only gynecological care, but also specialty aesthetic treatments to help women regain their confidence. This includes radiofrequency (RF) therapy for stretch marks and wrinkles

The building blocks of your skin

The reason skin starts developing wrinkles and dimples or stretch marks that begin to sink into depressions is because as you age, your body makes less collagen and elastin. 


Collagen is the most common protein in your body and makes up the bulk of your connective tissues. It provides structure underneath the topmost layer of your skin, holding the skin up and out for the fresh, plump appearance associated with youth. 


Elastin is another protein, this one the longest-lasting in the body. It’s present in connective tissues and blood vessels, allowing them to expand and contract back again. You’ll notice the word looks and sounds a lot like “elastic,” and that’s a good way to remember its properties. 

Radiofrequency energy

How can you regain lost collagen and elastin? The answer is by stimulating your body to make more. Both proteins go into production overdrive when your body thinks it’s suffered an injury. Since it doesn’t matter how big the injury is, we’ll be able to trick your body into assuming an injury by delivering sensations via radiofrequency technology. This can prompt the production of new elastin and collagen to fill in wrinkles and stretch marks for smoother, younger-looking skin. Here’s how.

Votiva RF therapy 

Votiva by InMode® is the radiofrequency system Dr. Rodke trusts. It works by penetrating deep tissue with long-wavelength energy, so the middle skin layer (dermis) gets stimulated and throws itself into healing gear, kickstarting the production of proteins like collagen and elastin. This makes your skin snap back tighter and alleviates stretch marks and wrinkles on your body. 

Morpheus8 microneedling  

Morpheus8 uses microneedling to deliver RF energy directly. Microneedling uses tiny, shallow needles to pepper your skin with micro-injuries that you’ll barely feel, but which will make your body rush to produce extra collagen and elastin. Combined with RF energy, this is a great way to get rid of facial wrinkles and sagging.

Dr. Rodke can discuss which option is best for you and advise you on how many sessions you’ll need to reach optimal results. To schedule an appointment, call 212-496-9800, or visit the contact page for more information. 

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