What Can I Do About Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can be upsetting to many who feel their skin is marred by these visible signs of previous pregnancy, weight gain, or rapid growth. While not harmful to you physically, these marks may impact your psychological health and hamper your self esteem. 

Dr. Gae Rodke treats stretch marks and other skin imperfections in the comfort of our office in the Upper West Side of New York City. She can give you back your self-confidence in the form of smoother, clearer, evenly colored skin.

Common causes of stretch marks  

Stretch marks typically occur when the skin is stretched too quickly, often due to pregnancy, weight gain, or a sudden growth spurt during puberty. This stretching causes microscopic tears and scarring just below the skin’s top surface. While both men and women can have stretch marks, they are more common in women.  

Stretch marks most commonly appear on the hips, breasts, stomach, and thighs, although some people can get them on their lower back or upper arms. These marks can vary in appearance, from narrow and jagged like tiger stripes to wide and deep like valleys.  They can also vary in color, width, and appearance, may feel uneven or ridged, and can itch occasionally.  

Stretch marks can slowly shrink or even disappear over time. However, many people find their stretch marks disturbing and wish to have them removed. If you’re uncomfortable with the appearance of stretch marks and feel like they are preventing you from going to the beach or wearing shorts or midriff baring clothing, you might want to look into stretch mark removal.  

Stretch mark treatment

Dr. Rodke uses safe radiofrequency treatment to treat your stretch marks. RF works by gently heating the area just below your skin to prompt collagen production to fill in and smooth out stretch marks. 

You won’t feel any pain during your stretch mark treatment. You’ll only be asked to remove the clothing necessary to uncover the part of your body being treated and you can rest comfortably during the session. 

Dr. Rodke uses the Votiva system by InMode®, which delivers RF energy so gentle, it’s even safe to use on your intimate parts. You might feel a slight warming sensation as she passes the handheld device over your skin. After treatment, there is no downtime, so you can go right back to your day. 

Sessions typically last around 25 minutes per area being treated, and you want to book 3-5 sessions to complete your stretch mark treatment. 

If you are tired of your stretch marks and would like to get rid of them, call our office at 212-496-9800 or book your consultation online today. 

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